After a fresh OS install

6 October 2015 in fedora

In the past few months, I’ve experimented with various Linux distros, before sticking with Fedora-based Korora and Gnome 3 desktop. Korora comes with many pre-installed packages, including vlc, audacity, deluge, gimp, inkscape and git, which is great; still, each time I’m reinstalling my laptop, I spend too much time figuring out which additional applications, packages and libraries I need to install. To facilitate this rather tedious process in the future, I’ve compiled the following list, plus some pointers to useful web resources.

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The perks of Matlab’s column-major order

17 September 2015 in matlab

When working with Matlab, it’s good to remember the data are stored in the column-major order; otherwise, the following (seemingly harmless) code might cause a lot of trouble.

% both Positions and Normals are n x 3 matrices
file = ""
fid = fopen(file,'w');
% print Positions and Normals to file
fprintf(fid, '%f %f %f \t %f %f %f \n', [Positions Normals] );

So what’s the problem?

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