Géométrie numérique GINF42C6

spring 2016 TP M1 Info Friday, 15h15 – 16h45 F217, UFR IM²AG


This page is dedicated to the practical part of the Géométrie Numérique course, with lectures given by Georges-Pierre Bonneau. Assignements (and some theory) will be published here.


You can either work alone or in pairs. A c++ codebase is provided, but not obligatory – use your favourite language in case you're not a fan of c++ . For linear algebra (vectors, matrices), we'll be using the Eigen library; take a look at its docs. Here's also a very useful quick reference for Eigen.



After each TP, you are required to submit your work, namely:
  1. your code, just the files you've modified, no need to include everything ;
  2. a pdf report with pictures and additional comments if needed (in English or French).
These are the general rules for submission :
  • Don't submit partial work; send only one mail (when you're sure you won't be adding anything else).
  • Zip everything as LastName.zip or LastName1_LastName2.zip.
  • Use [GeoNum2016] TPxx as the subject.
  • Send your mail to tibor.stanko@gmail.com .

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