Géométrie numérique GBIN8U12

spring 2017 TP M1 Info Friday, 15h15 – 16h45 F216, UFR IM²AG
TP9 submission deadline is Thursday, 13/04/2017 at 23:59. The TP on Friday 14/04 will start at 13:30 (instead of 15:15).


This page is dedicated to the practical part of the course Géométrie Numérique.

Lectures are given by Georges-Pierre Bonneau.


A python codebase is available on github.

(You are not obliged to use the codebase. If you're not a fan of python, feel free to use your favorite language.)



You can either work alone or in a pair. After each TP, you are required to submit your code and a pdf report with comments and images. The more images the better!

Deadline for each submission will be announced here — it's usually the following TP. Please note that late submissions will be penalized by scoring less points.

Every once in a while, there will be a bonus assignement which can get you some extra points.

Evaluation criteria

Your work will score more points if you
  • have a working code;
  • experiment with all datasets;
  • experiment with different parameters;
  • make lots of images;
  • document everything in your report;
  • submit before the deadline.

General rules for submissions

  • send only one mail per TP
  • put code+report to TPxx_LastName1_LastName2.zip
  • use [GeoNum2017] TPxx as the subject
  • send it to tibor.stanko@gmail.com

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